Nova Trading | WEEKLY BTC UPDATE | 3 OCT - 8 OCT OCT 2021

BTC exceeds all expectations this week.


The levels 45k was not retested, we did only go as low as 47k. 52k was broken in an instance resulting in a very big spike upwards. BTC is now consolidating on the 55k level. 

Key levels to watch would be: 50k -  55k - 60k - 65k

If BTC decides to reverse for a bit and pull back I think the lowest we will see is 50k. Probably 50k is now a new strong support as it's a whole number. If 55k is flipped as a new support we can rally to 60 - 65k. 

The best scenario for $ALTS would be $BTC to go ranging in this area. $ALTS are now consolidating, some have had green days, some are lagging in consolidation. Consolidation often means whales accumulating. Buy the dips this week!

I'm bullish for these next weeks!